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We spotlight women like you who believe there are no glass ceilings and that the sky is the limit. We showcase women like you who find their gifts within and are now shedding light – one life at a time.

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The Real-Talk with Liza supports women like you so that she can Show Up without fear but grace, Stand Up for their health and well-being first and Speak Up for themselves and their beliefs – because She Matters

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Now… get ready to hear some words of wisdom.  I am very excited to welcome our Special Guest for today’s episode…

Powerful She Interviews in Dallas The Powerful She – Interviews in Dallas - Liza interviews Jazmin Salinas, Maricela Soberanes, Natalia Pazos, Olayinka Holt, Shirley Baez, and Barbara Heil Sonneck

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We aim to bring awareness, education, expertise, resources, and a sense of community to address the unique emotional and mental health concerns facing women from all walks of life, especially from the Middle East – because We matter

“Our well-being is testing our fealessness, our patience, and even our humanity.” – Liza

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“The journey to self-discovery begins when you identify what matters most to you.” – Liza

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