Be our GUEST

Be our Guest – Make a Difference!

If You are a Change Maker, Women’s Advocate, Expert, Author, Influencer, Thought Leader, or Healer –
We want You to be a Guest on our show!

Being on Real-Talk with Liza Show is to bring value and shine a light on You! By sharing YOUR story, your healing experiences, your piece of wisdom, expertise, direction, and hope; you help someone else, especially women and girls. Looking forward to having you as my guest.

Your Contribution

Interviews are approximately 30-45 mins in length.  Shows are recorded either online (via StreamYard) or in-person if local in Los Angeles.

The interview will be seen over and over for many months.  You can Be seen, Be found, Be promoted.

Your small investment is only $500.

Receive a Free short Video snippet to use as your Marketing Tool

You can even showcase your products/services with an advert/commercial. Branding via TV outperforms Facebook and YouTube commercials by 40%!

I’m So Excited to Have YOU as our Guest!


Whether you provide one or have us make it for you, your 15-30 second commercial will be seen by millions of people for 6 months!

Stop paying $1500 like others would charge!

If you’d like us to make a 15-second billboard-style or basic video-style commercial for you, your investment starts at $500.

Stop paying $1500 like others would charge!

Logo Placement

Your logo is placed in clear view for one episode.

Instead of paying $297, your investment is only $90.

A major portion of your contribution will be donated to our non-profit, HWI, supporting motherless children.



There is not a person on the planet who has not experienced pain, disappointment, grief, loss, and hardships at one point or another. Your voice can inspire women and girls around the world to realize they are not alone. Your story will give them the courage to show up, speak up and Stand UP for who they are – because they too matter.

 I’m So Excited to Have YOU as our Guest!

Channel 7 interviews Liza at 3E Event
Channel 7 interviews Liza at 3E Event