Benefits and ROI

Appearing as a guest on the Real-Talk with Liza show not only benefits your ROI, but it also benefits people who watch the show and get inspiration from your experience.

Show up-Stand UP-Speak up on Real-Talk with Liza & Legrity TV

  • Reach 213 countries
  • Over 322 Million households
  • Flexible advertisement, commercial & sponsorship options
  • Be found on apps for Mobiles, Tablets, Smart TV’s & Internet
  • Your segment featured on ROKU, Apple TV, Android (Google TV), Amazon Fire TV, and LEGRITY TV
  • IMDb credit provided (valued @ $300+)
  • 6 months of viewing of your interview
  • 6 months of viewing your commercial/advert
  • You receive an edited 2-3 minute snippet video of your TV interview for your promotional purposes
  • Your segment will promote “As Seen On….” with logos
  • Ages 18+ – Rating is PG 14
Benefits ROI - Heal Talk with Liza tv Venues


Target Audience & Topics

Each segment is to present, sound like, and help our audience with tools that are experiential, factual, educational, and relevant to healing, health, and wellness – whether emotional, mental, or physical.
Our target audience is women from all walks of life, especially women and girls from the Middle East, who have or are dealing with:

  • boundaries (stigma, traditions, equality, sexism, racism, career, patriarchy, the glass ceiling)
  • self-esteem, self-doubt, and confidence
  • perfectionism 
  • imposter syndrome
  • financial success
  • ā€œcaptive in the castle”
  • trauma
  • postpartum depression
  • abusive relationships
  • weight or body image
  • self-imposed limitations
  • depression, and high anxiety
  • financial problems
  • success and leadership

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