The Powerful She – Interviews in Dallas

Powerful She Interviews in Dallas
Liza interviews Jazmin Salinas, Maricela Soberanes, Natalia Pazos, Olayinka Holt, Shirley Baez, and Barbara Heil Sonneck

Woman is a ray of God. She is not that earthly beloved: she is creative, not created.

~ Rumi

Interviews with Powerful Shes

Author Liza Boubari at the launch of the second book in the Powerful Female Immigrants series. Liza interviews several of the co-authors as they speak about powerful women and their experiences in life. Each woman is a Powerful She, Liza’s new book about 21 women of Love, Grace, and Courage.

The Powerful She is a woman who honors where she comes from, yet she has adapted, persevered, and grown as a global woman. The Powerful She is a woman of grace and courage who can trace her beginnings to the cradles of civilization—across her origins—to the cells that created humanity as we know it.

Stories of 21 Women of LOVE – GRACE – COURAGE

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  • Breakthrough self and other’s limiting beliefs
  • Become a Bestselling Published Author

Are you a Powerful She?

These powerful women have embraced their destinies and stepped into their areas of influence with courage and fortitude. These women are making a difference for this generation and for generations to come.

The co-authors being interviewed