Aalia Lanius – award-winning author

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Aalia Lanius
Aalia Lanius

“My desire is to create and produce content to see how that inspires someone to want to be the best version of themselves.”

-Aalia Lanius 

Aalia Lanius is an Executive Producer, Award-Nominated Host of the social good podcast, “UNSUGARCOATED with Aalia“, and multiple Award-winning Novelist.  As a thought leader and mentor, she is passionate about creating content that strikes at the heart of social issues we deal with on a daily basis as well as mentoring creatives that at their core want to be conscious about the message behind or within our media products.

A survivor of many things, she is a representative of diversity, with a truly multicultural background and she’s impacting lives on a global scale between her writing and speaking, with more to come.

Aalia is married to Film Entertainment Attorney and Executive Producer, Joseph Lanius, who heads Lanius Law & Associates in Beverly Hills. When he is not making things happen in the film world, he lends his support as Legal Affairs and as a Board Advisor to UNSUGARCOATED Media. Together they reside in Los Angeles and he supports her love of creativity and helping others.

Having been homeless and abandoned by her parents at 14 years old, it comes as a surprise to most that she launched her first company by 25 years old, graduated university with Honors, obtaining a BA in International Business, Managerial Leadership and Entrepreneurship, followed by attending Concord Law School. With her former husband, she built a multi-million-dollar revenue-generating retail business. During this time, she also experienced personal and health challenges such as battling cancer three times and an unhealthy marriage that eventually ended but not before enduring domestic violence and emotional abuse.