Awin Tavakoli

Liza: “Answer this question – Awin is?”
Awin Tavakoli: “Change”

~ Awin Tavakoli
Awin Tavakoli
Awin Tavakoli

With more than 20 years of international career – in sports, real estate, statistics, banking, and law – Awin broke out of her corporate job 3 years ago to become an entrepreneur. Currently, Awin runs her advisory firm in Zurich. She helps business owners protect and grow their businesses by providing tailored contracts, risk mitigation strategies, and out-of-court dispute resolution services. Awin is also a member of the Advisory Board of World Litigation Forum, running legal conferences for lawyers and professionals worldwide.

Awin’s Mission

Awin’s mission is to make law accessible and understandable for others. As a pioneer in change and innovation, she has been disrupting the traditional legal industry by creating a unique business model out of her knowledge in mathematics and logic and her skills in risk mitigation and law. However, today’s distinctive working style is rooted in her first encounter with the judiciary as a child in a kidnapping incident during the Iran-Iraq war. The dramatic experience made her develop a unique attitude towards injustice and the false perception of winning in court trials.

Born and raised as a Kurd in Tehran, Iran, she was considered a minority in her hometown. Today, as the voice of her industry and the messenger for change and diversity, Awin uses her voice to inspire others by spreading her story and message on international stages. She has already spoken on 4 different continents and shared the stage with renowned leaders and professionals such as Randi Zuckerberg, Kevin Harrington, Hugh Hilton, Dr. Phil, George Ross, and Moira Forbes.

Awin’s vision is to create a world without biases and boundaries, where no one is isolated or excluded because of cultural, ethnic, and historical heritage.

Liza and Awin met at Clubhouse and have remained friends ever since due to their shared values. They even had some time to take a few photos at HealWithin after the interview.