Dr. Liz – Empowering through Nutrition

Interview on Heal Talk
Doctor Liza Isenring
Dr. Liz Isenring

As a busy female leader and mum I experienced and successfully over came a period of stress and burnout about 2 years ago. As I started reprioritising my own health and self care, I re-evaluated my values and learnt to be better and setting boundaries.

Dr. Liz

Dr. Liz empowers people to Be Healthy via the healing power of nutrition.

She is Director of LINC Nutrition, Adjunct Honorary Professor at Bond University, international speaker, bestselling author, published over 160 peer-reviewed scientific papers, and received over 4 million dollars in research support. She has been on the board of the Maggie Beer Foundation, Dietitian Connection, Associate Editor for Nutrition and Dietetics, and international and national professional organizations. As a foodie, Dr. Liz loves to help people improve their energy, quality of life, and wellbeing via the 3 pillars of MINDSET, MENU, and MOVEMENT.