Hazel Ortega – Creating Miracles

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Liza Boubari interviews Hazel Ortega on Heal Talk with Liza – Part 1
Hazel Ortega
Hazel Ortega

I am proud of how I changed myself to have my dreams come true and believing that is not too late to work on myself.

Hazel Ortega

Hazel Ortega is a leading expert and internationally recognized speaker who specializes in vocational rehabilitation for injured workers. She has worked alongside the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency and represented her chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Organization before the United Nations as an advocate for substantive change both in her local community and around the world.

Ms. Ortega has spoken nationally and internationally to more than 60 prestigious audiences, including the California Applicant Attorney Association, Action Coach Worldwide, Dream Business Academy, Women’s Business Momentum Center, National Hispanic Association, and the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Agents.
Hazel shares her journey and guides her audiences through the formula she discovered: it’s the exact steps she took to walk to the other side of fear, to master miracles in her life, and now she helps others do the same.

Liza Boubari’s second interview with Hazel