Maybelle Regaspi – Bounce

“Lord, I must be on to something greater to experience pain and disappointments this big”

Maybelle Regaspi
Maybelle Regaspi
Maybelle Regaspi

Maybelle Regaspi is the author of the best-selling book, Bounce, a journey of wanting to give her children and herself a better life and future.

She is a single mother, an immigrant from the Philippines. She came here in 2006. She got married in 2012, but her husband became very abusive until she decided to leave to save her sanity and her life. With no family and no job, she ended up living at a homeless shelter in South San Francisco. She stayed there for eight months. Three months later, she celebrated her birthday there and got the idea to start a ministry. Four months later, she and a group of volunteers began their first birthday ministry. They brought food, served it there, ate with them after all had been served, and then played bingo. She also made gift bags and wrote birthday cards for the residents celebrating their birthdays that month. That was in August 2015. They did that every month until March 2020, when they had to stop doing the party because they closed the shelter for non-residents.

Since then, she has been coming with gifts for the birthday celebrant and some food for the staff. In September 2020, she started the police ministry, where she brought either lunch or dinner to different police stations in our county. One Police Department every month.

In May 2019, her story was featured at NBC BAY AREA Proud for Garvin Thomas’s mother’s day episode. Formerly Homeless Mother Returns To Shelter To Help Residents Celebrate Mother’s Day – NBC Bay Area

In June 2022, her first book, Bounce, was published and released by Christian Faith Publishing.