Thank you for your Silver Sponsorship with Commercial – Guest

Congratulations! You are going to be a guest on Real-Talk with Liza.TV show.

Thank you for saying yes and wanting to make a difference in the lives of women globally and in all walks of life.

Your interview will be approximately 20 mins in length. Our show will be recorded either online (via StreamYard) or in-person if local to the Los Angeles area.

Please schedule your interview below:

Your interview will be seen over and over for many months. The show will be held with Legrity TV for 6 months with video-on-demand options.

We will contact you soon regarding your commercial.

With your generous support of the HealTalk with Liza.TV.

You will receive:

  • one-half page advertisement and acknowledgement in the Tribute Book
  • public acknowledgement of sponsorship in all media releases

A major portion of your contribution will be donated to our non-profit, HealWithin Kids, supporting motherless children.

Opening hearts, expanding minds, and transforming lives is reflected by
individuals like yourself.

On behalf of our children, a heartfelt “Thank You”!