Real Talk with Jim Lutes

Real Talk with Jim Lutes

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Today we talk with Jim Lutes

Thank you so much to Jim Lutes for being my guest today!

Say the name Jim Lutes and chances are a top performer in your company has attended one or more of his dynamic training over the last few years. Having taught his branded form of human performance since the early 1990s, Mr. Lutes has accelerated top-level entrepreneurs throughout his career by conducting training on personal growth and subconscious programming in worldwide markets.

The use of hypnosis as a therapeutic tool dates back to the late 1700s, but it wasn’t until the late 1800s that it gained popularity as a treatment for various psychological and physical ailments. Today, hypnotherapy is recognized as a valid form of therapy by organizations such as the American Psychological Association and the American Medical Association.

One of the primary benefits of hypnotherapy is its ability to access the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is responsible for many of our automatic behaviors and emotional responses, and it can be difficult to access and change through traditional talk therapy. By inducing a hypnotic state, hypnotherapists like Jim Lutes are able to bypass the critical conscious mind and communicate directly with the subconscious, which can lead to profound changes in behavior, beliefs, and emotions.

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of conditions, including anxiety, depression, phobias, addiction, and chronic pain. It can also be used to improve performance in sports, academics, and other areas where mental focus and concentration are key.

It’s important to note that hypnotherapy is not a magic cure-all and may not be effective for everyone.


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We are live!
Welcome greetings greetings greetings and welcome to Real Talk Tuesdays with Liza.
It’s and a special day. Today is Tuesday,
April 4th and today is a one of my episodes
of Real Talk
with Liza and today I have a special guest Jim Lutes
Hi Jim welcome.
How are you today I’m sorry for the lighting
I’m way of high up in the sky with nothing but
windows and
you look absolutely stunning as always.
Thank you.
So I
I know that in life there are so many things that happen
and are conscious mind
our subconscious mind
and the glitches that happened and what we attract in life
and believe it or not I think you and I have attracted each other from a few years
ago and how we connected
this is amazing to be here live
with you and I wanted to say special thank you
for saying yes to be my guest today.
Oh thank you my pleasure. Yes.
Liza is going to share a pretty interesting story.
Let’s talk about this
it’s a … we connected a
few years ago online.
Because of the work you do and the work that I do being a hypnotherapist in this
beautiful world of consciousness.
And yeah we said let’s get together let’s get together and
it took us.
About two years after COVID and then I told you I’m coming down to
San Diego area for a special event.
I said “let’s can connect there.”
and you said sure so we did have lunch
and during lunch we were having a discussion.
Go ahead Jim.
You turned around
and you showed me a picture.
And then we were like both stunned.
Do you have that picture on you?
Jim: Let me
Liza: just your own phone, right?
Jim: see if I can find it.
Whatever you can find.
Then most amazing part is
the work that I do it’s all about mind body
and emotions
so as a clinical hypnotherapist the work we
do is tap into the subconscious mind of ours and
as we were discussing we started talking about
our background
where we went to school
and I told him
I studied with
master Gil Boyne
and he said “So did I!”
No kidding.
And the next thing we know
Show it to everybody.
My younger brother on the left over there so.
There you go
that’s Jim
Lutes right there word Gil Boyne.
And he was the founder of
hypnotism institute training institute in Glendale
and so many other things and specially rapid induction in our field there as the
progressive and there is the rapid.
So when Jim showed me that picture in I said “Wait a minute.
I know the background.
It’s this!
That’s the exact background so when
Gil Boyne passed away years ago and
I was.
in that office and the office manager
allowed me to purchase this as a reminder.
So, Jim, let’s talk about hypnosis but before we do
please take a moment introduce yourself
with your title and everything
and at that you are doing
right now is self hypnosis mastery.
Absolutely yeah well first of all that picture was
a long time ago. Sometimes I look at myself
in the picture. and I go, “Wow! Really? That’s
what I looked like?” I mean the guy had a mullet
and a mustache. Liza: Where did you graduate fight away.
In ninety two.
So then as you know
of no more.
Did the traditional hypnotherapy smoking weight loss confidence you know the rest of
the stop.
I come out.
Are used to have my own
rock band
and so I kinda miss being on stage so I
kind of pivoted our skill sets more into the
seminars masterminds and.
you know about more of
the speaking round so.
I’m the CEO of Lutes International and have four companies under that umbrella.
They’re all connected with
the human mind whether that be
cycled mural immunology psychosomatic parenthetical sort.
Hypnosis or near linguistics and so
that’s what I do I like our industry
especially because it helps people number one.
Number two it helps people that
are looking for solutions in some cases for years.
Because they’re going down the conventional route
and it also is fun because you can it’s a chameleon like industry you can.
You can maneuver what you do in different things so that you know you don’t get bored
and it still is a
very helpful to people so.
Yeah so that’s what I’m doing now.
Be doing it for Thirty years.
for thirty years.
So when we talk about the power of our mind
and I love it.
And on your website you’ll also talk about the
a how the brain is controlling
our psychological functions from
When we talk about ideas, I work a lot the IBS and how we hold onto things are life
is running out of us and help hypnosis.
In working with the immune system.
and literally
the mind and the body connection the connection
who we are
physically mentally emotionally and the power of the subconscious how the
subconscious controls so much
of our behavior because of the blue print I call it the blueprint the patterns that
we have.
let’s talk about that just a little bit.
Sure absolutely what spawned an entire industry.
Going down to the name psychoneuro in your knowledge
which is mind body.
A long time ago you know not unlike hypnosis it was over here and some unknown
Hypnosis is no longer on trial, you know it’s been
adopted by the dentistry industry the medical
and it’s like anything else arm it was not understood is discarded told you know it’s
understood so.
Real simple example that I give at
my events is if you had an ulcer.
And you went to the doctor
and you asked the can dimensional allopathic.
What caused the all sir.
They’re going to give you a psycho neuro immunology answer
they’re going to say stress. Was stresses in the mind.
So they’re automatically making that connection
that every though creates an organic response in the body.
Because if stress can create the ulcer
through the mind could have the mind also
heal the ulcer
or Heal the other thing.
Is not just a one directional thing
and so if the my and can cause an actual soar in the stomach,
conversely hundred and eighty degrees could it not
a bar of course. Right.
Or is that almost what we call it psychosomatic.
Yes one hundred percent.
Right. And I know that if
we can create well sometimes
Most times.
Clients who are in pain that there is no medical diagnosis or anything like that
it is created a by them for them
and we hold it in the body
and the same way as I healed within through hypnotherapy and
change that for my life going from legal into the work that we are doing.
It’s the same as when I do self hypnosis for
having an
Endodontist going to the endodontist and having a root canal but
No anaesthesia so it is the mind over the body.
But how is it that.
Then when it comes to psychosomatic what.
What is the power of the sub contest why would anyone want to come to a
versus a conventional
and doctor or psychologist or anything like.
Conventional doctor would deal with the
physiology psychologists would deal with the
minds of the only more downloaded that they’re aware of we’ll just talk therapy so
that they would use Virginia city or Carl Rogers.
They would use and there’s nothing wrong with that I mean you know
it’s effective to a degree on bias
I have friends that are trained either psychologists that train them in hypnosis.
One the national academy of hypnosis we train
record the.
So they did that and so I would ask one of
my friends with name was merely and she’s a psychologist very good.
As a what are you doing this which you oh I’m working with Dennis.
Like well how long have been working with us for years.
Or years.
You know because they’re not dealing with this for years.
We’re not dealing with the you know the unconscious mind or the
the origin of where is so another a great demon stration that I do.
Is speed your heart rate if you’re watching their speed your heart rate up
I know we always have a yogi
you know on the on the webinar its speed your heart rate up right now
you can’t do it
kick your adrenal glands in
you can’t do it sweat
you can do it yet have you to wake up tonight
and you dream in the subconscious mind
that there was an intruder in your home and he will she was going to cause you arm
you’d wake up up up perhaps sweating in your adrenal glands cortisol will be going.
There’s no threat now and there’s no legitimate threat that.
So how can we can’t do it now because you’re obviously and conscious break been a
brainwave and you dream in the sub conscious so.
As you know pushing the choir hypnosis removes the critical factor in allows.
Access into the sub conscious that is
incapable of differentiating between what is imagined
and what is real
so people knew that.
An. Unintended finally.
When you at when I do my advance I’ll have
somebody take a microphone.
And I’ll bring them up on stage and I’ll say okay got the microphone a good okay
everyone I want you to say as I want you to say I have cancer I have cancer I have
cancer I want to say that fifteen times.
And they go know.
Why don’t you saying.
I’m not going to say as wanna.
Though I might get cancer.
Then why do you go home and say I can’t find
love I can’t find love I’m broke I can’t
pay my bills in the words have power or they
don’t you can selectively apply them and
so they’re doing the same thing to
themselves and creating their self fulfilling
prophecy if you will whether that be
organic disease or whether that be financial
blocks or whether that be
being unlovable
and all of those as you said are stored in that blueprint
or those imprints
you know in the subconscious unless you go in
and plot the.
Via the weed out by the the route so to
speak then it’s going to continue to thrive.
one of the things my
three he method is evoke
embrace evolve and run a soul
you are here for us to
literally heal your palm on the pain can be emotional and physical pain mental on
if the anguish on the pain
either for anxiety for whatever it is then you’re suffering from
and it could be your weight it could be an addiction wish sometimes I turn around and
say what are you.
Instead of addiction.
Dedicated to
what is your dedication to.
And if that is what it is then you holding onto that.
So we evoke.
We go into evoked what why where is the cars were in the route where they did
say started like
I remember when I started smoking it was because my
cousin gave it to me as a reward for bringing him a pack of cigarettes
and it became every word system and as you know
and so many
we either or from excruciating pain that we have to remove ourselves from
or the reward is so great we can’t wait to havoc.
Right. Or.
That had in mind
I wanted to go back to gym
I have a question.
What was your
what is your breakthrough bought
is your story to Gulf from I know I mean not every rock and warm person turns around
us as I want to be a hypnotherapist
what was your theory get took you to.
Steady this.
Well I was sitting on the wall over here in pacific beach one day.
And I was engaged in an activity that I liked which was called watching the girls
walked back and forth.
And the really. Really our
jaked you know that’s what I’m doing until this guy sits down and use an old guy
about forty.
You know at the time on
and so he sits down and we’re talking he says I’m an entrepreneur I didn’t know that
was somebody that studied bugs you know I really didn’t know
I didn’t really know the word wasn’t throwing around back then.
Like it there so I said for what you do and he
says I dictate where my body goes three sixty
five twenty four seven no man or woman tells me when to stop eating I stop eating
when I want to suck
and my dad was a business guy my brother was a doctor and as well they don’t have
that kind of freedom so that was my first.
Catalyst have been enamored with
entrepreneurship and I said well why do I do it.
He was to build your mind first
and so he you know here we go with you know thinking wrote rich the magic the
believing by Claude Bristol Maxwell malts psycho cybernetics you know the science of
getting rich by Wallace row
identity so I just
I just complete I love reading
I just dove into that
and then I went to a party in del mar when I was twenty seven or twenty eight
went to a party and delmar though the hypnotist their.
You’re doing funny stuff
and so there was a hypnotist they’re making people forget their name and.
Stick in their hand to the counter York crazy stuff
and then and he kept mentioning the subconscious.
The subconscious and I go wow look at that connection
and I said that’s it.
That’s what I’m doing the rest of my life I don’t care all at a career options are
off the table I’m gonna be one of the best hypnotists in the world I don’t care now.
Where do you learn this stuff.
And he was people teach it as it will act I figured that out.
But who’s the best in the were
in if I’ve got one Australia I’ll go to Australia.
He goes a good boy
in los Angeles he advertised Sylvester salon prior the rocky movies and.
Though that fine so I jumped in my little car and drove two hours to glendale and.
Met guillen
and I
created a friendship with the guy and.
You know he has you know he’s very paternal and I have attended to below paternal to
of we know we we hit it off and then book
and he said to me something that I’m sure he says to other people but.
He was you know Jim.
You’re a natural in hypnosis.
And I said thank you
he goes but his suck.
When he made he goes Yang.
L if you haven’t done one thousand people you’re an introvert extrovert old young
male female left brain right brain. You know I can teach your golf swing and
a weekend but you’re not going to go on the tj to Rodrigo swing it thousand
times so I done.
I went out and I stopped people in a timeshare in carlsbad California.
They put me up there every Monday night I’m throwing up and hyperventilating in the
parking lots of scared out of my my
and I would go in there and fail
and their succeed in their fail and fail and have succeeded succeed in that fail to
finally I got as you know that
you know the the games the rhythm the mechanics and you know that delivery down
and then off you go.
And it’s been since
nineteen ninety two how
yeah ninety ninety two late ninety two haha.
Okay. At the amazing thing is
Marissa appears.
And and studied with Gil.
Your friend Mark from SK who invited you
to come to
the event
yeah upon state and
when I talked to him I told him I stay indeed with Gill he said so did I
then you and I it was like that.
It’s the synchronous
necessity of this is uncanny.
He was a force of nature.
And he believed
in the art
and science.
Of the subconscious mind
What I would like to know is what is the biggest misconception.
Do you believe that people have of the work we do.
Well it is derived from the fact is not
taught in normal academia and were a culture
that is academically groomed from freshman sophomore junior senior
bachelor’s degree master phds or
anything outside of that paradigm sometimes goes into the Willow field or or
the all the unknown they just don’t know what they don’t know.
So therefore they need some form of credibility that they adhere to.
In order for them to believe it because of the mind is not you’re aware of it is just
discards it.
Rather rather than figure it out right
so when I always do is if you’re able to present a metaphor
or an analogy like I did with
you know the intruder in the house
you can ma ke things more digestible because are irrefutable
and so now they’re are more open to it.
Come the other side of it is.
People people skepticism.
And. Getting their own way.
And. Skepticism is a good thing
but blakey
you know roadblock skepticism
you know is horrible because you don’t know what you don’t
know. Are skeptics you know stood with the Wright
brothers and said you know you’re never
going to fly man’s not so you always have those contingents of people of my job is
not great converts.
My job is to give a valid option with with that with the attitude of giving and not
by taking but it’s ultimately up to them.
You know if they want to explore
an alternative to what you know to what they’re normally.
Talk and when we know that I’m not anti Alec
I’ve had a health challenges we both know. I’m of course I went
to a normal doctor but I’ve always open to adjunct therapy is an
alternative therapies.
You know as well one of the biggest markets out there markets is not only second euro
but the fact that
http people’s potential for financial success
exceeds their reality over and over and
over and that could be an imprint from money doesn’t grow on trees money as bad.
You have all of those
dialogues occurring.
You know as a child
and I think what that would that stem from is their their the thermometer not the
I love that line.
That thermometer reacts to the external
circumstances it goes up and down and up and
down good day bad day I was your day to day it’s just a day.
You know in the construct of a lifetime is not this up and down roller coaster
because of it’s a bad day
then as comparative analysis to some other day so we get stuck in the compared
there’s no. People unless they’re still people
there’s no tall people as their short people
so everything is a comparative analysis.
The idea with the subconscious is to set the thermostat.
Not the thermometer now the thermostat when it is set at this income.
Whatever that income is.
Then the external environment.
Brings everything the
to that accept it has to adhere to your desire.
It it has to adhere you’ve got the five physical senses you’ve got the reticular
activating cistern for.
Well for whatever somebody believes you’ve got
the quantum field the universal conference.
And you’re engaging in a much more powerful
alliance than just trying a little old human.
Trying to get things done to you know a great force will.
So what would you.
What would you do differently if you were to start
in this interest industry to do.
What would you say to someone who wants to go into aid like a six year
at schooling and everything.
Or actually I taught my dentist how to do the hypnosis and.
Their patients and.
If somebody wanted to go into this industry.
Or come and learn from your mastering
because I know you also teach as well I used.
I teach self hypnosis.
For them to have an open mind for them to what
what would you say.
Why are you.
Are you talking about doing it as a career or doing it just for a reason.
Well I mean they come to us for a reason because of anxiety because when
All that if they wanted to do a career.
Or I believe this is an amazing career.
It it is and I’m the founder of the national account here comes my progress
on that riot.
Proud of me of hypnosis and so.
I would venture to say that.
If anybody has more experience and hypnosis them myself and leaves that we would know
Ah you know we’ve been around for a long
time and in the world events the experts you
know I can talk him and
it can talk to somebody for ten minutes and no really their death
of if not acknowledge because there’s
no they trained you know.
For an hour and a half or something.
So know they do
and they don’t really have the depth of
knowledge when you know when we train there was
no option other than going to the actual place
and training with the master or somebody that was you know very very talented.
So the wall street journal calls a certified hypnotherapist one of the fastest
growing professions in the country
and so you can come delete the training in as
little as eight weeks and then I do something.
Going virtually or in person in San Diego
then I teach two weeks of market.
And to me
somebody that embarks upon a career they’re excited
it can be a chiropractor it can be a yoga instructor they fall right off the cliff.
When it comes to marketing cause they didn’t learn.
So they just sit there and their chiropractic clinic.
When where’s all the people with a bad back.
Cause they’re not going to walking.
Because it’s core competency in the in the skillset does not translate into core
competency in the marketing so at the national academy of hypnosis we teach
certified hypnotherapist
and then we teach them how to market
so for people that are looking for a different career
in you know eight to ten weeks.
Here’s what I tell the people look.
You know anybody that anxiety well there’s your clientele do you know
what even don’t want to lose weight
well there’s your clientele. Do you know anybody that
wants more confidence well there’s your clientele you know
anybody that has a skin condition well there’s your clientele
the nobody that has pain
there’s your client also the cool thing about what you do
and what we do is
the Clients are so plentiful.
That they’ll never ever run out and you know depending on where we live we live in
the higher in.
You know of the United States.
To one hundred and fifty to two hundred fifty dollars per hour average.
Which is which is great you know and then if you do packages etc so
I would say that you get in front of a trend it’s not on trial anymore.
I hypnosis now is fascinating vs discarded so I know when I speak from speaking
tonight down here.
They’re fascinated by hypnosis because
they’ve heard of it already are they I’ve seen
it somewhere maybe
doesn’t matter of stage show like Mark
that they’ve seen it so they’re
that skepticism is diluted a lot more
and now becomes a legitimate profession you know versus.
You know the
voodoo or something over here so.
Well I mean nowadays even.
Bruce lipton that comes from science
as accepted hypnosis talked about hypnotherapy and everything
even and pill dispenser coming from science
is now doing a lot of things like neuroscience are psychosomatic.
A cycle in immune system
and an l p which is neuro linguistic programming
those are our become mainstream air
and Tony Robbins
Literally a lot of people think it’s.
He’s the master
and putting the events together he used a hypnosis.
The power of hypnosis is nice too.
A lot of people think that you’re going to make me change my mind but that is not
widely good
therapist with it would do.
A kosher ethical person is not there to do stage hypnosis and make your quack like a
duck or.
Park like a dog
If you had a megaphone right now
I’m talking to the gym.
What would you want the whole world to know about you.
I would.
Say that it is a
user’s word lightly
but it’s a travesty if you don’t engage in
the free enterprise system during your life.
Because it in in whatever you’d.
It is.
A lot of work but
this is the one countries.
At least two. At least give it a go
you know I mean just go for it because you don’t know your potential because it’s
capped by what some other man or woman determined your worth
and it’s not about getting rich maybe you do want a
rich but it’s about freedom
that you can go and come as you walked and so if
I want to take an hour and a half for lunch.
I’ll take two hours and sit with you for lunch
versus a buzzer going off and telling me that
I have to finish my chicken sandwich o r they’re going to take away my sick my
financial security.
And so one is I would you know embraced the entrepreneur world number two.
Is I would look for something that is you make your money by
I would look at some profession you do things for people
and not to them.
So when I do get the people that are kind of hovering in the skepticism sphere.
I just say you just don’t know what you don’t know
and I go are you a sports fan and they’ll say yeah
I got why don’t you Google Mike Tyson hipness costs.
Because he attributes hypnosis since he was seventeen to one of the contributing
factors why he became
a world champion
did you know Princess Diana used hypnosis
did you know Jimmy Connors and Sean Connery
do you know that Matt Damon has a private hypnotherapist the travels with them
and they just got what
cause they just did didn’t know what they don’t know
I’ve worked with top you have see fighters professional poker player celebrities.
They always want to make sure that they use this.
To help this.
And they’re smart enough to do that and that’s why they have the edge over the
competition because they learn to use their mind as an ally.
You know no versus an adversary so this is my life work.
I probably
only have seventy to eighty years left
you know you are unless we get some.
Says. Psycho neuro in the not that.
The. Of and now it’s at every great rewarding profession and
Meet people like you know like you obviously
in its and it was there a woman that
told me this word you
might have heard of it I never heard before.
But she said you know you know why we met and I said by.
And she goes synchro destiny.
What I never the. Other that.
There was a pretty cool.
That’s beautiful.
I know if we can do hypnobirthing.
Through hypnosis
and have an easy birthing in that I have helped approximately fourteen.
A young mums
as a matter of fact even few upon who could not even get pregnant for them to release
the block from the body
the body to exit sacked.
You know getting pregnant and everything so.
It this is.
The work we do is not only healing.
Night we make a
Big change in the lives of others and that is
the most fulfilling thing that there is when you
when someone walks in would panic and anxiety
an hour later they walking out with a smile.
Thank you for not only being.
The person that countries but also the one who does the work
and Till.
Finish the sentence him.
Get. My name is.
Oh you want to that aggregate my name is generals and I
Giblets is what.
Is a man that has the capability of taking a person from where they’re at
incinerating any barriers that are impeding where they want to go and getting them to
the destination
quickly as costs.
Mic drop.
Air they’re fun doing it.
As well.
Well I wanna say thank you very much for being a my guest today even with the
glitches and.
Your friendship I know when
we were walking away after lunch we were in the street and I saw that chair and I
hopped on there and you said let me take a picture.
And I was so giddy
You know not only the walk of going back
to another time in a place
and finding a kinship
with you
A friendship
and for that I want to thank you for who you are
what you offer to this country to this world
to to people
who come to your events
and want to not only transformed but make their million dollars because you can help
them with their mindset
and reset.
Reach out to me on social media if you’re interested in.
Hypnotherapy certification are working and you know.
It’s just been you know.
It almost brings tears to my eyes to where you meet somebody the have something in
common with.
That many years ago
any you studied under the same teacher that many years ago.
And then you’ve got the tapestry the
it only for your this is not my norm background pretty crazy I mean I’m going to
capital of this rule will
go but you guys had to be
you really do was sit at his Italian restaurant my show a picture me
kill when she goes.
Wow that is you with your boy a long time ago on it.
Because a tapestry between years she goes I own their.
Handful the sheriff is just a wild story that an honor to meet you and we’re not you
know we’re not continents away so I’ll see you an
in-person rules.
Definitely were going to be doing things together more often
thank you so much gym.
And for all of you viewers thank you so much for being here being present
and we look forward to seeing you again next week

Embracing Change, Embracing Change, Embracing Change

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