LeadHERship – Real Talk with Liza

LeadHERship on Real Talk with Liza and Linda Fisk

It’s Real Talk with Linda Fisk. Liza interviews Linda Fisk, the CEO of LeadHERShip Global. LeadHERship Global enhances the leadership blueprint of unstoppable women worldwide and helps them embrace their power to be the best version of themselves – in work and life.

Linda is a multi-award-winning leader, keynote speaker, podcast host, author, and university professor dedicated to amplifying and extending the success of other high-caliber business leaders. She is the Founder and CEO of LeadHERship Global, a community of unstoppable women enhancing their leadership blueprint and embracing their power to be the best version of themselves- in work and life. In LeadHERship Global, Linda supports and guides ambitious, creative women to move in the direction of their purpose, their mission, and their dreams with powerful connections, critical support, practical tools, and valuable resources to show up, speak up and step up in their careers and personal lives.

Both women talk about the challenges and how they overcame them in their lives and professions.

Until next week, God bless you, and may the universal light surround you.

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