Real Talk with Michael D Butler

Real Talk with Michael D. Butler

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Called the Simon Cowell of Book Publishing, Michael D. Butler is a former Pastor who launched Beyond Publishing in 2016 to serve authors globally. With 650 titles published in 30 countries and a team of 28 staff, Beyond Publishing is a full-service hybrid book publisher that ghostwrote 120 titles in 2021. They provide a full suite of editing, cover design, packaging, and ghostwriting services for authors. Butler and his team support their authors at all the major book shows globally including Germany, Mexico, Italy, China, South Africa, Israel, and others.

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Welcome to Heal Talk with Liza
transformation begins
as we evoke
embrace and evolve.
Greetings greetings greetings and welcome to Heal Talk Tuesdays and Real Talk
Tuesdays with Liza.
Today is such a beautiful day I hope all of you are doing amazing.
I have a special guest today.
My guess is none other than Michael D. Butler. Hello Michael.
Michael: Good to be with you Liza I’m
hearing and seeing everything you’re doing such great things and it’s really an honor
to be with you on your show.
Thank you well.
Liza: For those of
you who are not familiar Michael
has got a bio this long
and I have already included the bio and everything
but I got to know Michael in many different aspects.
of Find The Speakers Edge. This was one of the books that he wrote. I have the
signed autograph
book from you.
if we want to talk about Michael D Butler,
how do we get to know you?
A pastor, a publisher, as speaker, and author.
Showcase yourself for just a minute before I go into interviewing you.
Michael: You know now that I’m older I’m on
kicking on the door at year fifty five and I’m
looking back on my life I I get more reflect
even of yet four sons and two beautiful
grand sons that I’m about to get married at six weeks for yesterday
I’ll be trying and what.
My beautiful bride and I will be building a life together and up.
You know. I think we’re
attempted to look at the past or dream about the few teacher but the only place we
can make a change is
right here and now to day
so one thing my parents taught me and I’m forever grateful
was to live in the present,
Live in the present and make a difference today so.
I’m a I’m a busy dad I’m a busy. Puppy
From the busy fiance say so I run a book publishing company
I love doing what I’m doing, you know getting authors on stage is globally
and we have authors in thirty countries we’ve published six hundred and sixty eight
titles in the last six years
and we’re just getting started.
We just watch powerful female immigrants
twenty four amazing stories
women from nine eighteen different countries
twenty four authors in this book we
launched in Dallas last week
I just think it’s great because you know the Internet.
Change the world it made the roof.
And you know for a long time
evil regimes have tried to kept people
bottled up and locked in
but you know as long as people can communicate they realize
that you know if somebody has a better life
than maybe I could do something different with my life I don’t have to
be in the same box
everybody else and
I was that kid I grew up on the farm in Oklahoma I was creative
my parents didn’t know what to do with me
I was little rebellious a little edgy always getting
sent to the principal’s office and so fortunately for me.
I had some good strong leadership in my life but that’s who Michael Butler is I’m
just a kid at heart.
Having fun and still.
Getting into a little bit trouble but also
Causing some positive influence and impact as well.
Liza: Yes you are and I am honored to be part
of the book that you are publishing and be
with the other twenty three
amazing human being these beautiful powerful
immigrant or female immigrants.
What is the purpose of what you do if we were to talk about you know everybody talks
about find your purpose do you know your purpose what is the purpose of what you do.
Michael: So I really worked on this about ten
years ago and and my mentor John Maxwell said
come up with a four to seven word moniker.
And I came up with the word inspire greatness and others.
And and that’s really my goal in life that that’s what I love to do I.
I mean what it looks like it looks like getting people on stages and into books
I find that peace apple really shine
once they have a breakthrough
in normally to have a breakthrough you’ve got to go through some pain
you’ve gotta go through some disappointments
you’ve got to go through some setbacks
to find your greatness and I had gone through a time in my life where I was.
A reevaluating reassessing because I had gone through some.
some tragedies in my own life
I ducked down and found
that my calling in life throughout my life even from childhood was really to inspire
greatness in others
and that’s a process and it’s been fun and it’s something that
looks different now than it did
twenty years ago but we’re learning every day how to do that.
Liza: Which is amazing because I was going to ask you
“What has been your breakthrough?” but
since you already mentioned a tad about that,
What, how did you overcome that adversity
in your life because
we’re all struggling in one way or another.
Just yesterday I was hearing someone say.
It’s like.
Stop seeing become better, become healthier,
become this. That means they are lacking
they are not and they have to become
but we all have
trauma in our life
we’ve had adversities in our life.
I don’t think there is a human being that has not gone through some kind of a
challenge in their life.
How did you overcome
to be where you are?
Michael: Yeah that that’s a great question I
was in South Africa recently pre-COVID and we
had a book launch there
in 2000 women came out on a Saturday morning at 7:30 am to launch a
book in Afrikaans.
It is a
very remote,
dying language actually mainly just in South Africa half of south Africa speaks
Afrikaans and that’s it.
But these women were so excited
and they had overcome so much
in their life and I begin to think about that very question
you’re talking about. And I think one thing that drives at home
because there’s something I learned that
day in south Africa that is they are famous for their diamond mines right.
And all women love diamonds that that’s the saying right chocolate and diamonds and I
I recently
revisited diamonds because I was shopping for an engagement ring for my fiance.
And I was reminded of that
that South Africans will move to hundred tons of dirt
to find one carrot
of diamond.
You know and and I can remember Liza as a kid, that
I stuttered when I when I tried to speak I was naturally outgoing I was naturally a
gregarious life of the party I was imaginative I had
I was happy go lucky kid
and but when I got into public school I would
just stutter when I got away and strangers
and kids would make fun of me and so what I did to cope.
Because I didn’t like you know the
embarrassment the ridicule be made fun of I went
into my shell.
And so there was a very painful
period of my life for about six years until I learned to overcome
the stuttering. But the point is
it wasn’t until I learn to let go
of the pain
that I could move forward
and I really had to get my eyes off of myself
and I had to get my eyes on to other people.
You know I know what it’s like to go through divorce I know what it’s like to go
through a bankruptcy
I know what it’s like to go.
You know have your children not return your phone calls or text messages for months
or years of an end that’s.
That that’s no fun
but instead of becoming angry instead of becoming bitter.
I try to embrace something good about that.
Unlike the diamond mines in south Africa I say.
You know I can’t control what other people do.
I can’t control what other people say about me.
If I try to please other people I’m never going to be happy
and I think leaves of the ultimate.
Joy in life is finding your purpose.
And then operating that and function in that even if other people don’t approve
but that your ultimate
joy letting go of the pass.
Focusing on.
Before you can focus on other people you’ve got a focus on yourself get to know who
you are what you want what you like what you dislike
a lot of people know the things they don’t whine but when you ask them how do you
feel what do you want.
They stumble upon doc.
I can remember this kid I I got sent to the principal’s office a lot as a kid growing
Liza: so did I!
Well there we go we have that in common.
His name was Timmy
and I guess since the principal’s office a lot in this day Timmy
Timmy the.
Was getting his punishment before me so they were reading him his Miranda rights.
And the
and Timmy.
Timmy and.
Get a little blame shifting.
That I wanted to pick up on and and I
learned something that day that was not good
I picked up from Timmy
that of.
Blaming somebody else and that’s not the way.
To move forward in life
so for a long time I blamed other people for my anger I blamed other people
for the hit the cards I was dealt in life
and and when I read
is that
I was the common denominator to all of my problems and
I had to look in the mirror it wasn’t my parents wasn’t my ex-wife.
Was it my kids
it wasn’t it wasn’t my economic status.
It was me that if you.
I was a wrestler in high school and there was something on the wrestling room
practice wall there was painted real big blue and bold and and said
“If I am to be
it is up to me”
Liza: Wow!
I Love that!
Michael: I internalized that more than you know.
It really changed my life with that attitude.
Liza: I just wrote that down
Michael: if I am to be it is up to me because you think about it
as long as you have an entitlement mentality
in you’re weighting for somebody else to
come save you
nobody’s going to save you
listen nobody’s going to come save you the world’s hurting right now
people are hurting right now
and you know people all over the world you and I have friends all over the world and
some of them have to tape.
Literally tape themselves up
because they can’t even get in to see a doctor
and literally they have to just.
Push their way through the pain but listen
the more dirt you move when you have a purpose in your life
you might know it’s tough right now
but you’re going to do this for your key kids in your grand kids is not always going
to be this tough
and there’s going to be a light at the end of the tunnel maybe not in your lifetime
but the difference the decisions you make today
can be positive for your grand kids in your children.
Liza: Not only that there’s when
one more thing and if you are successful if you have a good life,
putting a damper on your life
because somebody else’s not catching up with you.
And shine so you can light up their life and being up help or
lift them up
with you.
That’s always my philosophy is life
you don’t have to go down one.
Help them come up.
Many things. That.
When we think about it first and foremost I want to
From the day we have met you have been nothing but a
a gracious gentlemen.
I found a bond with you like.
I want to excel with you go to stages with you and everything.
This is what Michael D Butler is. What are these three things when
someone says I wish I could write a book
what do we need?
What does somebody needs to be in touch with you other than coming to the three
events to meet you in person to meet the rest of the ladies and everything.
Michael: Well definitely come to the event
I’m so excited about the event and with
women all over the country are talking about
it and it’s gonna be epic and exciting. I’m
actually going to be talking about during my keynote
the four pillars of greatness that every great leader had that they got
from somewhere there’s for.
Characteristics that are
are unique.
And and they.
Cross our borders boundaries language and culture
and in the book finding the speakers edge I
talk about one of the most powerful way women. In in California
other than Liza.
In Los Angeles California in the nineteen twenties her name was Amy
and she really impacted the world in a positive way as a single mom.
She had the first FM radio station in America
and she had twenty one thousand people ca coming to her church that she started.
In Los Angeles.
In 1920’s she had
and Ronald Reagan. Marilyn Monroe just some amazing
celebrities coming to her church he had Hollywood
come into her church to
watch her sermons because she would hire
producers from Hollywood
to create the scenes in the sets in
and she was so.
Amazing and exciting and creative
with her communication but the number one thing that I found
as I’ve studied leaders.
For the last forty years
as I’ve traveled around the world the number one thing
is they had a strong personal identity.
Is they got really rock solid on who they were
and what they were called to do so we’re going to target.
And in the business world you can call it branding.
You know when somebody goes through.
A crisis.
Like a bankruptcy or like a divorce or losing a child.
That shake shoe to the core.
And you really he go into survival mode where you just trying to find your
equilibrium again.
And finding your identity
your thumb print
who you are what is your DNA and.
Many times women and men in that situation realize they’ve been living the last
twenty or thirty years of their life.
Based on somebody else’s expectations
and not on who they’re really created to be in there as a lot of freedom.
That comes, Liza,
when we embrace who were created to be so I’m going to say number one
it’s identification.
Number two.
Well I’m not ready to give it away yet it’s a.
Liza laughing. So,
Do you have a philosophy that
live by?
Michael: Yeah my philosophy is is get up early.
Work hard.
In you know I grew up on the farm in
Oklahoma and I think I got a lot of my values
from my parents who are very hardworking.
You know a middle-class people
that worked hard
I like to get my work done by noon
and and I like to play the rest of the day.
There’s a philosopher the says when your players your work and you work as your
played you can’t tell the difference between the two.
That’s a happy place to be
and I think.
If you’re.
You know sometimes.
I mean let’s face it we all have to pay the bills we have to work the J O B, right?
but listen why not work on your dream while you’re working on your J O B.
I’ve always spoken a lot to.
Direct sales people network marketers
entrepreneurs that we’re starting their companies
and listen if you don’t have two or three things going
I wonder you know wife’s gotta be a little bit boring
I think the most most exciting thing
is to start your own business.
You might say that’s scary
will listen you can mitigate risk by
surrounding yourself with a great team of people
you can mitigate risk by doing something that you’re passionate about.
Leveraging your time in your talents with a company that’s already started
that is got a product
that you don’t have to ship deliver fulfill
and you could create a win-win so
there’s lots of potential opportunities so my guiding philosophy is.
Get up early, work hard,
have fun
surround yourself with fun positive people
you know life’s too short to surround yourself with negative people.
You can’t choose which family are born into
but you can choose which family
you leave your inheritance in your legacy with so you can.
Liza: True but it’s also scary to
say okay
you know.
I’m choosing this
because a lot of
there there was a lot of risk in
taking that risk
and yet when we think about it it’s.
when you see yourself a year or six months later you say “Oh my God and all this
time I’ve been afraid to be where I am”
Michael: Yeah. Liza: Yeah.
Michael: Absolutely it’s
it’s it’s it’s really
just getting started
I mean. You plan it you’ve Liza: I’ve g ot a question for you.
Is your fiancee also at an early riser with you?
Michael: What was she is an early riser and I would say
I would imagine in the future that will probably find or equilibrium.
Liza: So who is your greatest mentor other than
Michael: Other than family
I would say my pastors over the years so my first career I was an ordain minister
and so. I would
I was working in the church and became ordain when I was seventeen even as I was
warned the Bible college.
And I am right now publishing a book about the subject of grace for one my first
pastors name wrong item so he was a great.
Mentor to me and a great friend he was about ten years older than me so he was
he was young at the time he was in his early
thirties late twenties he seemed like he
was forty or fifty but.
You know he wasn’t much older than me so
I’ve just had some great people.
Of Jack Hayford was a great.
and he was a pastor in California that many people know
and I’ve had mentors like
Jack is a great communicator and he’s been
a mentor from afar I’ve loved watching him
speak and develop is speaking
ability over the years I talk about him in the book
I would say a lot of my mentors have been people that I haven’t met
but people like Grant Cardone have been great inspiration to me.
I look at people that are successful that have got great work ethics in that treat
people right.
So I’ve had lots of men and women over the years that I’ve looked up to or that
have learned things from
here’s what I’ve learned, Liza,
is I’ve learned to.
As one of my mentor said
grown up on the farm in Oklahoma eat the hey and leave the sticks.
Old cows on the farm know you eat the hey and leave the sticks
your mentor might do stuff that
that perturbed you are is not right
learn the good and forget the rest just
emulate what you learned that is the best
it’s fun name because I have a saying I
my ride up one of my quotes as kick the best dump the rest.
Absolutely and it’s like moving that dirt and finding the diamond you know you
you get dirty
when you when you do the work and roll up the sleeves most successful entrepreneurs
that become billionaires are the.
Weren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and go to go to work. He had a from.
Liza: Michael what is the difference between
becoming a best seller on Amazon or best
seller on
New York times
I know there is a formula
to getting there
but right now does
how does it matter differentiate.
Michael: Yeah that’s a great question you know what. A lot of people
thought the Internet killed publishing but readership is up globally
people are reading now more than ever so
writing a book really creates credibility
and so there’s about thirty three best seller
list on the non-fiction side and there’s.
Do dozens of awards and best seller list on the fiction side.
Of the ultimate would be the the new York times best seller that’s the most
to be number one of the new York times best seller lists you need to sell about
twenty thousand books in one week’s time.
It as certainly doable.
Amazon would be the entry point
somebody can be a best seller on Amazon in a category but it’s not the same as being
a national bestseller over all.
On Amazon we’ve had our authors before go number one.
In in fiction or non-fiction over all.
Which is very difficult to do because for that day you’re competing with
tens of thousands of books that may have launched that week and so is very hard is
very competitive
but when it comes right down to it
if your book is moving and people are reading it
that’s a win win
so the big thing for an author is you’re creating credibility
but also you’re getting people to buy your book
and you’re also helping the algorithms on these platforms
a share your book with other people so the cool thing about going number one and
getting Amazon reviews
in fact if you Google my name Michael D Butler
Amazon reviews are best seller on YouTube
you’re going to get hundreds of videos how
to videos on how to go best seller on Amazon.
You know how to get a new York times
bestseller how to get a celebrity’s enforcement
and so I talk about all these things on YouTube so it’s a great question
but I say get started with where you’re at you want to walk before you can run
and you know be a part of somebody else’s book first
before you launch your own because you might not have enough
words to put into a two hundred page page book.
But you can start with a coauthor book like
with Liza I think you’re doing some books in
you know jumping with her because you’re going to leverage
the marketing the she’s doing and you create a win win and
then once everybody starts to know you you kind of build
up your your database of friends and followers
and then when you launch a book particularly
if you got your own show
like like you do Liza
then it it just makes sense.
Liza: Yes I would love to interview every single one of the ladies.
Plus one more thing.
They key to success is.
Just doing.
Michael: I would say diligence. Never give up.
Never give up you know Dr Greg reads got a book or and share Lecter three feet from
gold how many people hold up three feet before they hit gold
and at the book of proverbs king Solomon said the hand of the diligent
makes rich
and normally the one that
that ends up at the top is not the better
client the better musician the better writer
it’s the one that just. Kept swinging the bat
just kept going to work just kept knocking the door just kept picking up the phone
just kept hugging people and following up
with your customers and be ensure they’re happy what can I do to do day to be
diligent and make sure
my people are happy because you know what
if you’re diligent you’re going to win and you’re going to end up on top every time
it may not happen overnight but
you will get there.
Liza: Oh. I’m believe and tenacious enough and to follow
exactly what you said.
Michael thank you very much for your time I know you I back to back even.
Coming on the show today
and being.
Present means a lot I think thank you.
And I respect.
What you do and
how you are treating.
Every single person which such.
Gentleness and yet strength
and that takes a lot and.
I actually have one of the best publishers that I have come across and now
and. Now we’re going to explore more possibilities
look forward to seeing you at The 3E Event and everything on your king where
eighties. Joy.
Michael: You can say I’m so excited to be speaking
at the engage in power elevate because you
know of all the events I’ll be doing this year
around actual
Liza: It’s the Evoke
Embrace Evolve
and yes yes yes yes and is.
Michael: Yes I
I am so excited to be a part of your
Liza: and then you’re gonna fly out the next thing to get married.
Michael: What better way right I mean it’s it’s
perfect you guys are getting me ready am going
to be all ready to go.
Liza: By the way
is your fiance gonna be with you at the event
or she is going to be home getting ready?
Michael: Yeah I’ll have to get back to you on that she certainly.
I I think that would be epic if she could come with the.
Liza: Yes it would be epic because
I have a surprise.
I just gave it away but it will be amazing.
And last thing
would you please finish the sentence
Michael is?
Michael: Not done Michael is not done and you’re not
done either listen you might feel like it’s over
but listen.
Get back up the world need you you might be bleeding now but somebody
is hurting a lot worse in the best way to heal your pain
is the hills somebody else’s pain
but listen take care of yourself so you can get back up I am good being better.
Liza: Amen to that
An d until next week I wish you all the best God bless you
and made a universal light surround you
see you next week.
I thank you.
Bye Michael.
Michael: Thank you, Liza.

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