Real Talk with Virginia Nersesyan

Virginia Nersesyan – Today’s Topic of Financial Wellness

Virginia Nersesyan is a financial advisor and founder of World Financial Group. She is a leader in financial wellness.

Liza interviews Virginia Nersesyan. Get great tips for accomplishing your wellness and financial literacy goals.

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Video Transcript

  1. Yes. October 10th. It’s a Saturday, 2020. You
    don’t want to miss it. It’s going to be an expo.
    I created women in wealth because in the beginning,
    I wanted to have something to give back because
    we have so many stay at home moms. We’ve got so
    many career-driven women who set their career aside
    for family, for part-time something to be
    available, to be at home, to be so many different
    places. So where’s so many different hats? I
    bet you if we unveil the hats, we have like.
    a collage of hats that we’re wearing. And I’ll
    tell you, nobody’s better than multi-task even
    women because we’re always our minds, we’re
    always, you know, it’s always working, it’s always
    wired, it’s always going from here and there. And
    yeah, I know you don’t put in 100% when you’re
    multi-tasking, but it’s just, it comes naturally
    to us. Many compartments. Yeah, many compartments.
    And we’re always going at it. We always remember everything, right? Your performance
    has been kept, remember why you had a fight, but
    you remember what happened five years ago, right?
    It’s always our minds working. So what I wanted
    to create was an opportunity, an environment for
    women to find courage, to find enlightenment, to
    find opportunities, coaching, to find that big
    push, to find that big sister that they’ve gone
    through, what they’ve been through, to find the
    professional atmosphere where you no longer have to
    have that feeling of being a victim. I’m going to
    take all that away and I’m going to watch to see
    what’s your BS. I love that. I love that. What’s
    that story that you keep buying? And you know, I
    read a book once and it taught about finding your
    better self. It taught me about how do you cast
    that? How do you find your better self? And then
    it talked about, you know, trans, going, moving
    into the future, which I thought was a little
    cookie moving into the future and going to tie
    travel and finding your best version and trying to
    copy that in today’s world. So that you can
    visualize that and live that. I realize that a lot of
    that has to do with how you hypnotize yourself.
    That is absolutely true. And there’s nothing
    holding us back. If you do have that best self
    vision, what does it look like, what would
    have that person done? If you don’t do that today,
    maybe you can kind of plug in and substitute what
    they could have done. So women and wealth, expo, where
    we expect women and wealth, women in health, women in
    business, women in entrepreneurship, women in giving back, all women, all types of.
    all walks of life. And we’re going to have a lot
    of panels. We’re going to have a lot of discussion,
    opportunities for you to get to know what you don’t
    know. What do you need to move your business to the
    next level? And what do you need to move your
    nonprofit to the next level? What do you need to
    get back? Whatever you need for getting a person
    out of absolute self-esteem, your confidence,
    your hope, your wellness. We’re going to fight. Yes.
    We’re going to talk a tweet and women’s wellness.
    We’re going to have you find that missing gap.
    And we’re going to make sure that you have the
    partnership within that event to make sure that
    you can get you there without it costing you
    anything. Right. And that’s important. Again,
    I’m taking another, I don’t have the money.
    be a silly. That’s right. So it’s stepping up
    for yourself and realizing that if you thought
    you don’t know what your mission is, what your
    vision is, you will come to explore possibility.
    Absolutely. And you never know. You never know.
    You might have thought, hey, I thought I was an.
    assistant to attorney. I was going to be an
    attorney just like you. And then my body broke down
    and stress took its toll. And that’s how I
    went to hypnotherapy. And now since 21 years,
    I’ve been practicing this. So now I’m going to
    step up the same way. And I think 2020 is like
    2020 vision that clarifies your mission, your
    gift, and realizing that you do matter. And no
    matter what you do, either you’re at home, you’re at
    work, you’re a cook, you’re a chef, it doesn’t matter.
    Or the CFO or a CEO of an organization. And with
    that, I want to thank you for this empowering
    money, personal finance, everything. I mean, the
    full hand. We get you paid it. We talked about
    health. We talked about family. We talked about
    finance. And can we, we even did a little about
    playfulness in here. So it’s like this happy
    thing. Yeah, it has to come full circle. Right.
    And a lot of times, women have a difficulty in
    kind of juggling and balancing, I should say.
    That’s why we’re overwhelmed. There’s no balance.
    It really, in life, there’s no balance. It’s a full
    juggle. I have a 17 year old son and a 16 year
    old daughter and God bless them. They’re just,
    they’re just wonderful. But it’s a juggle
    sometimes it’s a little more, it’s a little less,
    but it’s a juggle. And you don’t have to feel
    like you’re giving up your personal life for your
    business or your business life for your personal.
    So I’m going to use your mind is aligned with
    your family goals, with what you want in life. And it’s just, this has been great.
    Greetings, greetings, greetings, greetings, guess
    what happened? We got our energy just was so high
    and killed the battery. So welcome back. If you
    are here, please get on. We’re getting our emojis.
    Wonderful. Hey, Mark. Hi. So we were talking about
    playfulness. And as we talked about playfulness,
    as I said, my battery died. So we just went on cue
    by talking about creating that balance and Harmony.
    And I want to finish the segment by saying thank you for being on our real talk,
    heel talk Tuesday with Lisa. It’s such a joy having you. I appreciate that.
    I’ll put that with you back. I’ll put that
    with you back. We’ve got so much more to do.
    And so what is one thing that you if I were to ask, what
    are the books that have influenced you in your life?
    To finish, maybe we can share that. So our
    viewers can go and get that book. Absolutely. Yes.
    Number one book, the number one book that I think
    just molded my mindset and helped me understand
    me first is by Napoleon Hill and his thinking courage.
    Number one. And that book cannot be read once.
    It’s got to be read 50 times for you to really get
    it. I remember I bought one and I had one in my
    car. I had one in my bedroom. I had one in my
    office. And my daughter who was only probably like
    nine at the time, she looked at everything. She pulled the
    book up. She goes, “Why are you reading this book again?”
    I said, “Yes.” She goes, “Didn’t you get it
    the first year time? You’re right. It actually,
    no, some things you just need to go over and over
    because you’re a different version each time.
    Each time you read it. So you find the nugget that was
    never there before or you thought it was never there.
    And any time I had a bad day, I kid you not Lisa.
    I would open up randomly any page at that month.
    I would read it. I’d go, “Oh, this was exactly
    what I needed. So I’m not all the time. That’s it.”
    Okay, we were talking about Napoleon Hill.
    Yeah, I think in gurus, that’s the very first
    book. And then the second book that I read,
    I think when I launched my office in Pasadena, much needed, much needed. It was
    failing forward by John Maxwell. One of the most
    important books for anybody who’s career driven,
    who was anybody who was business oriented, or you
    just have a job that you just try to climb the
    corporate ladder. One of the best books, best books
    because it’ll teach you how to voice yourself.
    It’ll teach you what things mean to you. How
    to take it in a constructive way so that way.
    your mind does not get in your way. Because I think that’s one of the biggest problems
    one of those people is that our minds, we get in our own way because the traffic,
    we’re the ones that are in the Lane that are in our
    way. We have no, we’re Tajar. Yes, the more you learn
    how to go out of your way. And then the last
    book again is by Napoleon Hill. It was profound
    in my life. And it was a book called “Interview with
    the Devil.” Oh, well. Okay, it’s profound. You have
    to be ready for that book. It’s huge. And it
    just talks about society and cultures and people
    and how different communities are all made up of
    saying people and it’s the habit. We’re all one.
    Yes. And it’s, you know, that book specifically
    taught me that our relationships are based on what we
    teach others. So if you treat me a certain way, I
    teach you to treat me that way. I teach you to do
    something or teach you not to do something. And if
    I put up within a more K-Withid and it continues to
    happen. But sometimes like you said, we self-septize.
    So we don’t know what we’re doing that’s
    causing that reaction or that relationship to be
    where it is. And if we are the ones that are causing
    it that are okaying the unhelpingness to be there,
    then we’ve got to get out of our own way. We got
    to have that fate. We got to have that courage.
    We got to have the belief in the process.
    that you’re changing. And if the people don’t like
    it around you, then maybe you need to disengage
    with such a general change your environment. Yeah.
    One of the biggest things that we talk about is
    that mirror work. You know, sometimes we can blame,
    we can find the fault at others. And it’s just like
    let’s put a mirror. It’s like the gun. Yeah.
    And you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s the
    thing. You don’t know about the gun. Right. The
    triggers and the triggers in the hand that as this is.
    pointing, the two are pointing to our pointing at
    you. So what we fire at others, we’re also firing
    twice as much towards us. And with that, finished a sentence. Virginia is powerful.
    Influential. Thank you for being here. And I hope
    this segment was beneficial to you. And I look
    forward to seeing you next week where we will
    talk about Christmas, Joyce, family, and start
    starting our new year with prosperity. God bless
    and make the universal light be with you. Awesome.
    That’s beautiful. Yes.
    All right. Hi, Silva. Okay. So I come here. You’re
    just having an incredible time. This is one of those
    zoopers that were still on, but we’re not. I just
    want to get on. Then I just want to get on. I know.
    Okay. Close the program. There we go. And then thank
    you for all of you for being here. And then it says and and again.

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